Here are the results of consultations done with various food companies. No particular questions were asked about products that may contain alcohol.

1. L.D. Schrieber Cheese Company : No shortening, lard, gelatin or lecithin used. Cow products are used HALAL

2. Burger King Corporation:

Shortening used in from swine = HARAM

Lard is used in buns and apple pie = HARAM

Lecithin is used in buns =HARAM

Because you are not sure.

Shakes = HALAL

3. General Goods: Lard is used on Swan Down Cake mixes. Gelatin (from collagen-bearing tissues of any animal) is used in many products including Jell-O Brad Gelatin Desert = HARAM

4. Knox Gelatin Inc.: Knox Gelatin is prepared from the protein collagen, which is extracted from either beef (bones and skin) or PORK (SKINS) =HARAM

5. American Lecithin Company: Our lecithin is derived from soybeans and is sold under the trade name Alcoles = HALAL

6. Nestle: A list was sent to MSA confirming that their products do not contain any animal by-product. Lecithin used in their products is derived from Soybeans = HALAL

7. General Mills Inc.: Shortening similar to lard is used, also Soya lecithin is used =HARAM ( Because it does not say Soya or lard and you don't know so it is better to avoid )

8. Quaker Oats: Soybean lecithin is used. Shortening used is from swine. Some of the products are MASA Trigo, Flako pie crust and cup cake mix.

A. Derived from pork or other animal
1. Bacon
2. Ham
3. Sausage
4. Lard
5. Fat
6. Gelatin
7. Shortening (animal).

B. Avoid - doubtful (may be derived from animal or vegetable):
1. Lecithin
2. Emulsifier
3. Dough conditioners
4. Mono and diglycerides
5. Enzymes or rennet in cheese

C. You can use: HALAL
1. Soya-lecithin
2. Soybean lecithin
3. Vegetable lecithin
4. Vegetable shortening
5. Vegetable mono and diglyceriders
6. Vegetable enzymes or rennetless cheese.
7. Fish.

D. Avoid may contain alcohol
1. Artificial and imitation extracts and flavorings

E. When you see these letters:
"U" or "K" they may mean that the produce does not contain anything from an animal.

Artificial and Imitation extracts and Flavorings.


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